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G E K E . N E T is a design & programming portfolio website which also offers a few free programs, programming tips and customization code for your ezBoard message board. more info...

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10/22/2003: Revival

Another milestone has been reached in the revival of (aka oneinfin8tyzero) with the inclusion of gallery hosting for visual works.

Check it out: oneinfin8tyzero

10/22/2003: ezBoard Questions

I must ask that visitors to this site stop asking ezboard related-questions using the Q & A interface.


8/8/2003: GEKE.NET CSS Image Replacement

An image replacement technique using CSS in conjunction with semantic markup. view the article.

7/27/2003: Moving, Hiatus

We're moving to the Pasadena area soon and so all work on this site is effectively suspended until further notice.

Feel free to email with leads on reasonably priced housing in the Pasadena area!

7/27/2003: ezURL Updated

The ezURL script used by most of our ezboard scripts has been updated.

All scripts which include the ezURL script have also been updated to reflect the change.

7/11/2003: ezBoard: Personal Emoticon Manager Updated

We've updated one of our featured ezBoard scripts, the Personal Emoticon Manager.

5/30/2003: ezBoard: Custom HTML Preview

Our new EZBoard Custom HTML Preview Tool has been released. It has the potential to completely revolutionize the way that ezBoard admins test their new customizations.

5/9/2003: HTML Validates

After a bit of tweaking to remove align="center" from a bunch of DIVs and Ps, our HTML validates as 4.01 strict. Woohoo!

5/9/2003: Menu Updated

Added EZBOARD section to the menu and revamped it to use DOM directly instead of DynAPI.

5/7/2003: Q & A Added

Officially added the Q & A section.

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