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2/11/2005: New Quick Reply

I've update the Quick Reply script and:

Please report any bugs in the Cool Tips & Tricks javascript forum.

1/28/2005: Whatever Floats Your Emote

Vertically center your emoticons so that there isn't so much space between lines of text.

Emoticon 'Floater'

1/28/2005: Help Pay for G E K E . N E T

Hey, all!

I have had to purchase a new server for G E K E . N E T and I'm hoping that some of you might be interested in helping me with the costs. If you can help, please email me at for instructions on how to send money via PayPal or by check/money order.


- Jonathan (phalen180)

12/28/2004: ProgBar Class Updated

One of our friendly visitors, Earnie Eng was kind enough to point out an error in the Progress Bar webclass that had gone unnoticed for quite a while, and suggested code to correct the error. The ProgBar webclass has been updated with his corrected code. Thanks, Earnie!

8/18/2004: ezBoard: No Longer Scripting

I am no longer creating or supporting scripts for the ezBoard network. The current scripts will remain as an archive of my past work with ezBoard scripts.

4/23/2004: ezPub > ezFullPub Favelet

Due to recent and upcoming changes to ezBoard's structure, many of the scripts here will not function correctly.

If you are on a new "b" server and were previously on a "pub" server, code which constructs a URL from "pub" + ezPub needs to be converted to use the ezFullPub variable instead.

Luckily there is an easy way to make the change without knowing javascript or tediously reconstructing all of your scripts.

Simply add the following link to your favorites / bookmarks:

change ezPub to ezFullPub favelet

Then, go to the Custom HTML page for your ezBoard and select the link from your favorites / bookmarks menu. It will alert you of the number of replacements it has made in each section of the Custom HTML page.

Good luck!

4/18/2004: Licensing: April Fool's Joke

I hope you enjoyed the little April Fool's joke about ezBoard script licensing :) ...

There will be no change in the way that scripts are licensed!

4/18/2004: ezURL Updated

The ezURL script used by most of our ezboard scripts has been updated to reflect changes to the way that servers are named at ezBoard.

All scripts which include the ezURL script have also been updated to reflect the change.

4/1/2004: ezBoard Script Licensing

After long months of soul searching, I have decided that I should license the code that I have written for ezBoard instead of just giving it away for free.

With the cooperation of the ezboard staff, I have obtained a list of those boards who are currently using the first two products which I will place under licensing restrictions: ezURL and "Quick Reply".

To see whether your board will be subject to the new licensing program and to get more information, visit the licensing page.


10/22/2003: RSS Feeds

RSS feeds for news and ezboard code have been added.

Using the RSS feeds, you can keep track of updates to G E K E . N E T and G E K E . N E T ezboard code with the help of a personal news aggregator or other syndication partner.

Users of LiveJournal can view our feeds at LJ: gekenews and LJ: ezgeke.

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