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ezBoard Links:

Cool Tips N Tricks
Need help with a specific piece of code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) you're working on? Have an idea for a neat customization you don't know how to implement?
Community Center: Community Brain
Suggest new features or changes to ezBoard staff. You must be an ezSupporter to view / post.
Get help customizing your ezboard from start to finish. Sidebar, ezMenu and profile skin generators.

ezBoard Admin Helpful Links:

Sam Spade Reverse DNS
Use this tool to get the "friendly name" for a user's IP. Can help you determine if the IP is static or dynamic and whether the user is dialing up or using cable or DSL. Also see the main site for more helpful tools -
How to Test and Debug EZBoard Customizations
Written for those testing script customizations on ezBoard but also helpful for anyone doing customizations.

Web Design Reference Guides:

Microsoft's Javascript (JScript) Reference
If you are having trouble with any javascript syntax or figuring out which methods to use, this resource is great.
Microsoft's DHTML Reference
A reference for both the old-style DHTML and newer DOM. Objects, properties, collections, methods, etc.
An excellent reference for CSS properties and selectors, including compatibility information.

Web Design Helpful Links:

What Are Web Standards and Why Should I Use Them?
The Web Standards Project FAQ. A good resource for those wishing to learn about web standards. If you are not designing to web standards, you need to get with the times!
Make sure that your code validates before releasing it into the wild.
Journal/blog type thing which includes a lot of helpful tips and news on web technology and standards compliance issues.
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