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  1. Q: Do you think adding a link to CT&T in this section might help divert some of the ezBoard questions?
  2. Q: Is there a script for post count? Like if someone changes a name, can we grandfather in their previous postcount?
  3. Q: Quick note, two of the SkipJack sample file links are wrong and don't point to a sound file.
  4. Q: to change the color of progress bar in java
  5. Q: I am starting an EZboard and I noticed that "Star Wars Tales" has a background that does not scroll even when the forum topics do. How can I make my background wallpaper stay in place like that? Help is much appreciated =D
  6. Q: How do I use this script to insert an image in the EZ announcement area on the main page only? http:www.geke.netezboardindex.asp?id=20
  7. Q: Hi, I am the one who suggested the emoticons for specific forums but I can't get it to work again for me. Can you help?
  8. Q: can u show me how to make use of this class to create a progressbar.
  9. Q: I purchased a copy of the MDPWXP program a while back. I thought I got one with a graphical interface. I can't seem to find it. Do you still have it and can I get another copy. I work with the Alief Independent School District. I sent you $80 via PayPal.
  10. Q: what is an ezboard
  11. Q: Is there any way at all to figure out the names of the anonymous users that visit your board?
  12. Q: Phalen, I am sorry about asking an Ezboard question. I read the NO EZBOARD QUESTIONS sign after I wrote the question! Thanks for not really chewing me out!
  13. Q: What is the code used for ezboards in order to see the member's username who is logged in in the description box?
  14. Q: I wanted to thank you for writing up the code to add dice rolls to an ezboard post. I was the one who asked about it on the community brain. Currently, Iím studying java in school, but Iím just a student and havenít been able to use what Iíve learned on a
  15. Q: this site rocks
  16. Q: I've been trying to implement many of the javascripts on your page, and it's a case for me where some work and some don't. I've noticed one link, all the ones that don't work use the ezURL code. I only put it in once, like you say, but they don't work for
  17. Q: If I add the customisations to change the Who's Online box and the labels for ezInbox etc. along with the current code I have to turn the board into a website, nothing happens. If I post it on its own, I get the jumble of code showing at the top of the pa
  18. Q: How to I make the preview box show up on the quick reply?
  19. Q: why cant we ask EZboard questions???
  20. Q: I saw someone once set their site up so that it changed certain people's user names. Is that a script? And if so, how might I set that up on my own site?
  21. Q: Where do i find emoticons that i can use with my operamail
  22. Q: I don't know WHERE in the code to place the Inbox alert script. I am VERY new to HTML and frankly... i'm lost.
  23. Q: How to print an HTML or ASP page through a printer. Suppose a page has 3 frames and I just want to print one of them.then how it could be done.Please Help...
  24. Q: Where have you gone my friend?
  25. Q: I want to add more posticons to my Board. I don't need them to be forum specific. I have searched for the code but cannot find it. Your help is appreciated.
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